Photographs of our world

Ghost Ranch
Ghost Ranch, NM

My hope is that you enjoy my work and find something interesting, evocative and thought provoking in the content.  In todays world we are constantly inundated with visual stimuli, so much of which is designed to direct the observer to a particular perspective.  It is my hope that the photographs on this site capture images that evoke a sense of belonging and order in an otherwise chaotic world .

I was blessed, early in my formative years as a photographer to take a workshop with internationally renown photographer Craig Varjabedian of Sante Fe, NM. Craig was able to meet and be influenced by Ansel Adams, and Adams lineage is clear in Craig’s work. One of the things that Craig taught me is that he doesn’t “take” photographs, rather he “makes” photographs. He consciously, previsualizes the image he wants to capture and then sets about to capture that image.  its a lesson that has served me well over the past many years of my photography and I am indebted to him for the insight. Hopefully, I have captured some of that spirit in these images.

Craig is one of the modern “Living Masters” of photography and he succinctly summarizes why he ply’s his craft:  

“I photograph because I have to, it’s my way of connecting with the world. It is a search for meaning and an attempt to connect with something much larger and maybe even more lasting. Being able to make pictures is a tremendous gift, and I can’t imagine what my life would be without it”.

~Craig Varjabedian